The Energy Almanac Playground
The Energy Almanac Playground
Tam Veilleux

Make transformation fast, fun, & fresh with astro-energetics

Shine bright. Feel good. Grow.


You are cordially invited to the cosmic playground built by Tam Veilleux the lead visionary of the Energy Almanac. A cosmic pretzel (read: sweet and kind of crunchy, and always leaving you with something to chew on) working as a transformational coach by day, astrologer by night, she offers change through astro-insights and energy-psychology. 

Why You Should Stay Here

I believe transformation should be fun, fresh, and easy. There's no point in tearing yourself up to create change. This is a place keen on personal growth and helping you know yourself more intimately. But make no mistake, this isn't a place for sissies. Doing the big work can be raw but rewarding. This place supports that rawness with a side order of sass. 

You can expect quips, quotes, and visual presentations all for the betterment of the community. 

Edu-tainment helps everyone. This place is expected to be fun and easy for everyone to take in.

A Big Thanks

As you grow and change you add to the quantum soup that is this crazy world. As you change, it changes me, my neighbors, and my dogs.

The Energy Almanac's astrology and energy-psychology can be a lot to take in. That you would join me, trust me, walk with me in your transformational journey means everything. I take my position as head Cosmic Pretzel very seriously. Healing and growth is sacred work and your presence here is important.  

Should you play here, you remain in my prayers and I thank you for the bottom of my salty toes to the tip of my chocolatey nose.

Random facts

The Energy Almanac was brought to me during a random visit to a friend's office. She downloaded the Almanac energetically and spoke it to me for 90 minutes straight. This gift from the Universe took me off my feet and changed my entire life. It took a full 8 weeks for me to integrate this shift and it has torn me inside out. I love every second of learning astrology and marrying it with all the tools and protocols I already know and love and then turning around and sharing it with people ready to step into greatness. 

The Energy Almanac has changed my life, I expect its content may change yours too. 


There ain't no shame in it. Ask questions, lean in and learn. We all have much to offer each other and this is the space for that.

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